9 of the Most Common Dog Myths

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One ‘Pooped Out’ Pooch!

Hmmm… Mam and Dad seem to have stolen my ‘Dlog’ and things which I haven’t put paw to pen and written myself are appearing.

Why would I wuff about things as monotonous as ‘Nail Trimming’?  They’re not ‘nails’, they are CLAWS and their primary functions include the following;

  • Digging up poncey flower beds
  • Digging in muddy puddles
  • Digging up carpet
  • Pawing at hoomans when necessities such as food or ‘ball’ are required
  • Digging up the sofa to find buried bones/food/toys
  • Grasping pawholds into the carpet whilst playing vigorous games of ‘tuggy’
Do you get the picture? Nails? My fluffy bottom!
Anyway, all ranting over and done with, I have truly come in to my own as ‘Professional Pillow Thief (Extrordinaire)’ this week.  Mam has been home for a whole week so we’ve been having lots and lots of adventures – We’ve walked for miles along the ‘Black Vein’.  One day we tried to find Machen Mountain.  You’d think a mountain would be a piece of kibble to find, but no such luck.  We found the bottom part – Mam said ‘c’mon let’s try this way’ we went through lots of trees and brush until we could go no further (then Mam had to have a ‘sit down’ while I ran around and jumped over fallen trees).
The next day we tried again and got to ‘Sirhowy’ where I jumped on rocks and dug a hole under a water pipe in orange mud and had a drink.  When we got back, Mam tried to make me go in the river to clean up.  She tried to follow me down and fell on her tail so we were both muddy!  I was a bit scared of the water so she came in with me, even though she had a hole in her welly-boot.  We had a paddle and squelched home.
Gwent Dog Walking Cass Blog Twmbarlm Distance

We went all the way to the top!

THEN, as if I wasn’t tired enough already, my Nanny and Grancha came to see me – they came all the way from Suffolk which apparently has just as many sheep as here in Wales.
I don’t like unfamiliar hoomans much, and I’m ashamed to say I might have piddled myself (just a little, honestly).  Grancha carried in two giant bags of my very favourite kibble and I fell asleep on my Nanny’s lap.  I think she fell asleep too!  Either way, I got lots of cwtches and fussing.
My very favourite walk was to Twmbarlwm Hill Fort.  We went in the car so I had a good 15 minutes to dribble on Mam’s shoulder.  It was PAWSOME!  Giant hills, sheep, possibly a cow and bits of sandwich that my Grancha accidentally dropped on the grass.
Cass the Collie Sleepy Pup


I had a bit of a break the next day, I was SO tired that Mam and Dad thought I was ill as I was so ‘leepy.  I took great advantage and stole lots of pillows to have ‘leeps on 🙂 haha!
So far, I have amassed approximately five pillows to snooze in…
Not a bad week really…

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